Friday, January 20, 2017

short story slam week 61, Ray Kelly, Betsy Cohen, Gloria Steinem, and Anne Wojcicki

sometime ago
a group of friends from Shijiazhuang and
Kaifeng gather
establishing themselves
at Silicon Valley,
Pauls Valley,
and Holdensville
they build shops, tech firms, and cola company
and they sell books of journal
and sets of computers

we say Cheese,
which means a big smile
to Priscilla Zuckerberg, David Sandberg, Eriic Schmidt, Sheryl Sandberg,
Dean Moon, Mike Moritz, Amir Patel, Ray Kelly, Nikesh Arora,
Cory Williams, Kimberly Henry, Laynie Henry, Lew Platt, Scott Miitic,
the place is packed
the rice is cooked

about diaper changes
and husband temper,
we believe that all men deserve freedom
and can serve for a role of change
under occasional case
hello, Pepsi, Coca Cola, IBM,
good job Alibaba, Apple, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, Motorola, Microsoft

not all will rise at the same time in our farmyard
not all children will receive a merit ticket at the same subject
so I say good intelligence to my picks today
Peter Drucker, Jeff Dean, Olcan Sercinoglu, Debora Spar,
Jim Barksdale, Andy Rubin, Kevin Sytrom, Kim Polese,
David Drummond, Pat Mitchell, Austin Mitchell, Frank Huang,
Brain Langer, Debi Hemmeter, Brenda Barnes, Katie Mitic,
Sheng Wu, Alison Wu, Benji Wojin, Sophie Schmidt, Skylar Zhang,

Del Ma, Calofornia,
Nashville, Tennessee
Cambridge, Massechusett,
Lawrence, Kansas
Princeton, New Jersey,
Rochester, New York
Helena, Montana
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