Friday, June 9, 2017

colorful photos





hot and orange
chapters in each page
blue and black
Amelia and Sherock
sam and joseph
martha and mira
aaron and akiko
jerry and terry-leo
when Illinois bird crow 
Matt, Rachel, Stacia, Doug, Mimi, Alissa, and Camile grow
writing for Medrill is way to good
Frank Huang, Joy Huang, and Greg Holm sing cheers to Karen Baker and Sheila Why

poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6, short story slam week 70

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 



World Peace Year Sixth, counting from 2012, to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are going strong and profound 



 Justin Stewart has it
Rumor has legs
Texwin Garage has Carrier business
Nathan Moorman, Mike Haymes, Craig Stanley,
they rock

Morgan Harris and Audrey Harris,
they have gender differences
Peter Constantin, William Jaco Bus, and Dale Alspach,
all sing loud about Real Analysis
David Ulrich and Chris FRancisco, wow

I do not agree with Wang Yanqiu
I may forget about Ning Ju, Xu Yulong,
I pass the Jinzhou, Anshan, Tangshan, and Shenyang city,
voting for peace among Xi Mingze, Hu Haifeng, and Michelle McCaffery


Monday, April 3, 2017

weekday prompts, poetry rally week 84, nutrition, and monday mellow yellow

short story slam week 66, A to Z is fun

Image result for alpenhorn news  

Image result for alpenhorn news

Image result for alpenhorn news 

Image result for alpenhorn news    

Abraham Lincoln  removes Slavery
Bob LaFortune sets a record for mayor of Tulsa history
Cythia Francisco remains high on undergraduate math,
Don Nickels, from 2000 to 2005, and Tom Coburn, from 2005 to 2006 occupy US senator seats,
Emily Claude may know robert Pinney, and ray hoyt
France Snow is a math faculty in Jayhawks from Lawrence,
 G.T. Bynum, mayor to Tulsa, and friends to Lawrence Kirkpatrick, Tom McCay and Paul Tay
Henry Bellmon aids energy to  Stuart McCalman, Que Bueno, Gay Washington,
Imran Ghort, Ixia Johnson, and Tiffant O'Hare write for NEWS Updates,
Jasmine Majid, James Qurally, Jim Murphy scratch their heads seeing Diane Lund, Douglas Motley,
Karen Batten, Karen Baker, Karen Burton vote for Don Cook, Gail Fry, Rhea-Frances Tetley,
Larry Wade, Lawrence Page, Luke Montuwa impress Austin Miles, Hilary Steenson Ray,
Matt Schapiro, Morton Owen, Michelle Obama laugh at wild geese,
Natalie Furletts, Nancy Pelosi, and Nicholas Altiero moved to Michigan,
Obamas and Ochs do realtor well
Pat Quinn, Patricia Lee, and Peng Chongqing post for Penslyvania, or Princeton Review,
Qunicy market sells products to Michael Shear, Zachary Bogue, and Jack Ma,
Robert Frost poetry in display
Seth Lowe and Bud Seretean pay attention to Brian Bennett, Jaweed Kaleem, Andrew Taylor,
Thomas Boone Pickens remain upright,
Utah capital reset heights for Jean Taylor, Terry Cushing, Bret Danilowicz, Sergey Lapin,
Vanessa Hudson and Vaden Burns Hargis enjoy Janet Ruscher, and Kay Ryan,
William Jaco, Wesley Bird, Wdyham Wise, and Watson business thrive,
Xi'An jiaotong university rediscover Anthony Braxton, Anthony KAble, and Carson James
Yankee doddle has homeruns during 1940s,
Zuckerberg, Zizi BBQ, and Zestful Yeomans buy tires from Good Year, and Bridgestone

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

short story slam week 65, 100 years of thunder storm and heavy snow, life goes on, wuxi opera sings strong

short story slam week 65, 100 years of thunder storm and heavy snow,
 life goes on, wuxi opera sings strong via Xiao Ya, Jing Jing, Wu Qiong,

endless dreams
infinite dreams
life cards reshuffle
one page turns
another page unfolds
we read our history
we exam our blood streams
we know our past
we know our present
we love operas
we learn from dramas

wilson, jaco, hargis,
page, schmidt, pichar,
brin, drummond, eagle
yeh, cordova, constantin,
bona, krajicek, mulvane,
murphy, schapiro, furletts,
colgate, goce, foster, welch,
bush, trump, gore, gordon,
cooper, obama, biden, barry
kerry, clinton, hager, underwood,
wood, clancy, roger, upham,
fisher, garcia, uchida, kim, wilcox
rivera, white, orbach, adler, yassine

lovely names made
beautiful history made

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」   children opera singers

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」 

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」  

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」   riika infinity

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」 
Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」  yang lan

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」  Gu Juji

Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」  wu ting

 Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」       amelia and joy evelyn

Friday, January 20, 2017

short story slam week 61, Ray Kelly, Betsy Cohen, Gloria Steinem, and Anne Wojcicki

sometime ago
a group of friends from Shijiazhuang and
Kaifeng gather
establishing themselves
at Silicon Valley,
Pauls Valley,
and Holdensville
they build shops, tech firms, and cola company
and they sell books of journal
and sets of computers

we say Cheese,
which means a big smile
to Priscilla Zuckerberg, David Sandberg, Eriic Schmidt, Sheryl Sandberg,
Dean Moon, Mike Moritz, Amir Patel, Ray Kelly, Nikesh Arora,
Cory Williams, Kimberly Henry, Laynie Henry, Lew Platt, Scott Miitic,
the place is packed
the rice is cooked

about diaper changes
and husband temper,
we believe that all men deserve freedom
and can serve for a role of change
under occasional case
hello, Pepsi, Coca Cola, IBM,
good job Alibaba, Apple, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, Motorola, Microsoft

not all will rise at the same time in our farmyard
not all children will receive a merit ticket at the same subject
so I say good intelligence to my picks today
Peter Drucker, Jeff Dean, Olcan Sercinoglu, Debora Spar,
Jim Barksdale, Andy Rubin, Kevin Sytrom, Kim Polese,
David Drummond, Pat Mitchell, Austin Mitchell, Frank Huang,
Brain Langer, Debi Hemmeter, Brenda Barnes, Katie Mitic,
Sheng Wu, Alison Wu, Benji Wojin, Sophie Schmidt, Skylar Zhang,

Del Ma, Calofornia,
Nashville, Tennessee
Cambridge, Massechusett,
Lawrence, Kansas
Princeton, New Jersey,
Rochester, New York
Helena, Montana
 Image result for pepsi 

 Image result for spirit soda         

Image result for atlanta, georgia cloth warehouse  

Image result for ibm  
Image result for techcrunch
Alex Teotsis

 Image result for   techcrunch         

Image result for   techcrunch  

Image result for motorola