Thursday, November 3, 2016

short story slam week 56

Whirligig 84 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Park Bench" by Albert Garcia: park, watching, dog, task, something, perfectly, breeze, sinks, tea, retrieve, coming, between

3WW Week No. 504 

 erratic, dire, and calculate

Arkansas Texas is a girl who has fun doing all sorts of exams,
math, calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, fourier analysis,

when she obtains Texas written test a Pass, she was given a driver's license 
instantly by her holly grandparents  Todd Fletcher, and  Jenny Fletcher, 
but she was not sure of it...and she has done quite a few exercises with her
boyfriend Jerry Sexton, and it is interesting that a brand new Toyota car
sends her to Heaven, when she wears a University of Texas at Austin t-shirt,
and sits in her novel car, the lady from Austin Tag Agency and driving record
office feels very interesting Lady Williamson simply said "I will let you pass,
the more you drive, the better you are." 

from 1999 to 2016, Arkansas Texas Fletcher indeed drives, thousands
of miles, around Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and Ohio

Geigo or state farm, they do believe that Arkansas is a good driver,
a curious service worker, and she knows the conservative Red River,
which sets her boyfriend and her in fire, when they go picnic at lawn in May
thinking of Qu Yuan, Dou Pu, Cao XueQing, Yuan Xuefeng, Xu Yulan...
thinking of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Jimmy Carter poetry

Erratic past, directing desire,  the calculation of  Zilker park Christmas
lights, Austin Botanic Garden pond, and Turtle pond fishing rods,
etc. which is remarkable

watching sunset in West, a dog from a stranger could bark, impatiently,
yet, a cat is something different, the cat stares at Arkansas, seem considering her
a family member, Austin Firefighters are friendly, and they promote Indian culture
and Mexico dance, perfectly fine, spring breeze warms everyone's face, a tea party could be
cool, a church from UT invites, knowing friends Tiejian Wu, Cathy Lin, Lixin Gong,
Yingcong Tan, Jian Tan, Jing Tan, Tim Lam, Snowpea lady has rich dishes for
Amanda Huang, and twenty years later, when we think of Anne Bona, we think
of homecoming, think of Hong Jin, Hong Xiuzhu, Han Hong, Lu Xiaohua, 
Fan Yunqing, Wang Shengjun, Zhang Dejiang, Fan Xinwen, Zhang Jizhong

my stomach sinks as we eat Thanksgiving dinner at Houston Space center,
and play piano at Fort Worth, or shop at Dallas Arlington mall,
thanks to George Bush and Laura Bush, plus Rick Perry, we have 
good passport and we love Joyce Huang, Zach Hill, Vicki Hill, Jay Hill,
we love Wu Huaqing, Julia Zhu, Meijun Zhu, and Sam Walton's Walmart,
including H. E. B. at Handcock center..

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short story slam week 56, November 3, 2016 to November 20, 2016...passport, visa, and driver's license.

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