Sunday, September 11, 2016

short story slam week 52, errors, remorse, regrets, hope, and forgiveness

Crisscross shadows 
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short story slam week 52, family gathering, outdoor sightseeing, and peer reading that help children function well or better 
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Memories [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]
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welcome to the zoo...

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Mountain view
crisscross shadow romance

Vanita from Italy vs Catalunya from France
a rome thought drops in my palm

Frankford air lines
Queens of new york city adores Michael Bloomingberg

Helen Marshall votes for Hillary Clinton
charlotte, Aidan, mark, chelsea, compete with Jenna, Henry, Mila, Popy, Eden, or Saidah

small figure prints
big heart wins Jeb Johnson, Dan Frank, Lucy Cohen, Rebeccah Ellis, and Emily Quinn

John and Lotie, Tom and Abbey, Anjali and Sundai, Eric and Beryl, Vanessa and Sid,
Sarah and Peter, Hannah and Amelia, Larry and Lucinda, Jonathan and Sheryl, Ann and Zach

so and so,
yahoo supports cisco

then and now
google imports facebook and apple cow