Monday, May 2, 2016

poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43, the new balance of love and walking spots

Hyde Park Poetry

Free Verse,
my good friend

my first step to Sunnet relavent

my fond memory to music

Zhenhua Mao, Wei Chen, Youngtae Kim, Susheng Tan, my childhood teachers

Sports Coaches
they could be Weiping Li, Jiahong Wu, Kai Dou, Yumin zhang, Yuqing Yang, Xincheng Xie

Spanish and Chinese as second language
my instructor could be Mark Li, Ruibo Li, Jinquan Wu, Aihua Su, Qiang Su, Dongmei Huang

later, i study piano, cello,
I enjoy Scott Jackson, Amy Storm, Xueai Zhang, Xiaoli Liu, Aihua Xie, Xia Wu, Qin Zhong

before high school,
I travel all over the states, I study computer science

and i learn from Xiaoyi Gong, Yin Guo, Ji Yan, Jennifer Kim, Chunying Liang, Frank Wang
and i get to know professors such as Mark Wrighton, Frank Askin, Paul Lisicky, Richard Ebright

now, i am ready for some fun,
I dine on New York liberty, and I wish for Nashville musicals

I write down Jose Barros-Neto, Jane Scanlon, Wolmer Vasconcelos, William Hoyt, Sue Dick,
Peter Landweber, Mayka Benitez, Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh, Stephen Miller, and Scott Cramer

so many talents,
so much encouragement

so, I smile,
I bless Simon Thomas, Jerroid Tunnell, Robert Lee Wilson, Bo Yang, Kellyann Guidice

before I grow old, and become silly,
I keep hope for Abbey Wood, Alex Page, Greg Trevor, Charles Dick, Ruth Rikke, Tim Dick

maybe Daniel Little is cool himself, maybe Linda Neal is shy from Jiujiang side,
my gratitude goes beyond my words, thanks to all

Ashley Mendez, Paul Little, Debra Little, John Little, Dustin Stallsworth, Betty Little,
Jessica Little, Earl Taft, Xiaochun Rong, Jian Song, Donna Little, WAvely Wang, Linlin Wu

at last, I still hunt for a smile,
I call Marsha Little, Courtney Little, Anders Bush, Robert Barchi, Abbas Bahri, Joachim Messing,

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