Friday, March 4, 2016

short story slam week 40, gordon in higher education garden, wow

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short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug

when Amy Storm, Heather Storm, Amelia Wilson, and Elizabeth White
finishes high school, they all carry some gratitude to Uwe Gordon

after google research, yahoo reading, and facebook wall writing,
we get into a twitter account, we twitter for Gordon family...Cortese offsprings

it is hard to believe that one child is left behind, 
nobody is left behind today,
that is a policy by George Bush, 
laterly, also by Barack Obama

I have gone shopping today,
eating some food at Arby's,
stopping by CVS pharmacy,
fueling at Murphy USA,
then buy some cereals, milk, oranges, and apples from Walmart
I appreciate David Mooneyhan, Stephen Wrington, and Sam Walton

sitting next to my Dell computer,
I begin to surf world wide internet explorer,
i have fun researching on Gordons,

Eie Gordon |\ Nykeisha Bryer
    Anita Bryer
Jhivago Bryer
Corey Moore

Aya Gordon |\ Hirofumi Hashimoto
    Robert Gordon
   Karen Audith Gordon
    Wai Ciccarello

Uwe Gordon |\ Kelsey Gordon
     Laura Gordon
     Au Gordon
    Ew Gordon
    Akeem Sadiku
Kersha Chin

we love to see many relatives shine, and we mention Dennis McClurg, Scott Jackson,
and we have fun knowing Joan Audria Gordon, Aubyn Gordon, Karen Audith Gordon,
Jacqueline Jordan, Evion Gordon, Stanley Gordon, Pamela Podany, wai Ciccarello, Wai Gordon

Stephan Wilson |\ Kathleen Wilson
     Amelia Wilson
     George Wilson
    Abbiyun Wilson
    Jodi  Hashimoto Wilson
    Matt Wilson