Friday, March 25, 2016

short story slam week 41

 Image result for cactus
 Image result for cactus
short story slam week 41, on life's obstacles or on versions beyond normal domain (March 24--April 10, 2016)

abnormal plants
sharp thorns spider and spirl

green folders
yellow hairs

odd growth
astonishing truth

without faith, 
cactus won't attract tomatoes

with roots and shapes
people decide to experiment research expertise

hug between cactus is painful
relation between a cactus and a strawberry is tricky and tearful 

Friday, March 4, 2016

short story slam week 40, gordon in higher education garden, wow

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short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug

when Amy Storm, Heather Storm, Amelia Wilson, and Elizabeth White
finishes high school, they all carry some gratitude to Uwe Gordon

after google research, yahoo reading, and facebook wall writing,
we get into a twitter account, we twitter for Gordon family...Cortese offsprings

it is hard to believe that one child is left behind, 
nobody is left behind today,
that is a policy by George Bush, 
laterly, also by Barack Obama

I have gone shopping today,
eating some food at Arby's,
stopping by CVS pharmacy,
fueling at Murphy USA,
then buy some cereals, milk, oranges, and apples from Walmart
I appreciate David Mooneyhan, Stephen Wrington, and Sam Walton

sitting next to my Dell computer,
I begin to surf world wide internet explorer,
i have fun researching on Gordons,

Eie Gordon |\ Nykeisha Bryer
    Anita Bryer
Jhivago Bryer
Corey Moore

Aya Gordon |\ Hirofumi Hashimoto
    Robert Gordon
   Karen Audith Gordon
    Wai Ciccarello

Uwe Gordon |\ Kelsey Gordon
     Laura Gordon
     Au Gordon
    Ew Gordon
    Akeem Sadiku
Kersha Chin

we love to see many relatives shine, and we mention Dennis McClurg, Scott Jackson,
and we have fun knowing Joan Audria Gordon, Aubyn Gordon, Karen Audith Gordon,
Jacqueline Jordan, Evion Gordon, Stanley Gordon, Pamela Podany, wai Ciccarello, Wai Gordon

Stephan Wilson |\ Kathleen Wilson
     Amelia Wilson
     George Wilson
    Abbiyun Wilson
    Jodi  Hashimoto Wilson
    Matt Wilson

march down to Nashville, Jackson, Little Rock, Saint Louis, and Tulsa to win prizes ssstory slam week 40


Lake-Ozark-Senior-Pictures-Lindsey-Pantaleo-HaHa-Tonka (11)  Lindsey Pantaleonard

I believe this is my last session of 2014 seniors. This year has flew by! I am so proud of all of them on their recent graduations! We are already in full swing, booking 2015 seniors for the summer and fall.
This senior session with Sam was so much fun! She is so sweet and unfairly gorgeous; I could have photographed her all day. We started our shoot at Binder State Park. I love the spring, so many gorgeous blooms on the trees and cool weather. After we walked around the park for a while, Sam knew of a neat rustic bridge just outside of town. It was an awesome location! I love new locations and shooting something different for each session. Congrats on your graduation Sam! Best wishes for your future!

here is  Lindsey Pantaleonard's honor list:

mayors, governors, and college administrations, they all look to get a honor book,

Bob Filner
Kevin Faulconer
Tom Barrett
Paul Soglin
Michael Seibert
Mark Stodok
Mick Cornett
Tony Yarber
Francis Slay
Megan Barry
Bruce Barry
Carrie Tergin
Steve Crowell
Phylis Powell
Dewey Bartlett
Gina Noble
Henry Loeb
John Leftwich
Myron Lowery
A. C. Wharton
Warren Buffet
Ajit Jain
Alexis Sanchez
Clayton Kershaw
Charles McCarver
Bill Purcell
Blake Shelton
Barbara Piepho
Ann Magovern
Mina Gaskell
Jay Culter
Dierks Bentley
Fred Thompson
Morton Owen Schapiro
Julio Mario Ottino
nicholas Zeppos
Colleen Flaherty
Rosame Cash
Molly Sims
Al Gore
Stephen Colbert
Ann Margret
Pharrel Williams
Seth Meyers
Van Straten
Kristin Bauer
Mark Wrighton
Johney Noble
Joyce Cortese
Robert Cortese
Angela Whitehill
Samantha Asher
Sally Asher
Marcy dotson
Becky noble
Jill Noble
Bryant Noble
Gregory Hupka
Cameron Dirks
Janaki Bakhle
Alan Dirks
Shane Dirks
Jessica Lennartson
Nicholas Bernard Dirks
John Cho
Jingjing Guo
Ken Fok
Leung Ho-Ka
April huang
Lily Passmore
Andrea Thomas
Mark Wu
Mark Rowton
Leslie Rowton
Mark Wroten
Abida Perveen
Janelle Fletcher
Julie Cohen
Mary Fallin
Marissa Mayer
Lan Yang
Rodney Wrighton
David Packard
William Redington Hewlett
Flora Lamson