Tuesday, February 16, 2016

some distant rtelatives on Yuan Shuai river and Sheng Fu river

Image result for amelia wilsonAmelia Jennette Wilson
Image result for amelia wilson  Abbey Wood

  Emily Dickerson Wu

lotus roots are very fitting vegetable
believe it or not, do pass the love to lotus tree

the pond is filled with fresh water,
grenn lily pads, swimming tadpoles, and elegant lotus flowers

we love eels,
we love green peppers and screamed eggs

we walk barefeet,
we drain our cloth in water and

have so much fun staring at the firefly during dusk
experiencing massive moth in cotton wood field

we run, play with marbles, and do needle work during winter break,
we ride bikes, digging yams from earth, baking them and smile

being a child who adores nature as it is  is important,
the hunger for cartoon books, war movies, and opera performance is obivious

we are not sure about our neighbor's goal,
but we observe the Kungfu practice from Zhaoyan's home

we have Qingming Yang swim in Han river,
a Russian spy girl named Sophia Norman still evokes my nerve

magical and mysterious stuff always linger,
how about a visit to Ai E, Hui Lan, Qun E, Cai Ping, Yan Ping, Qin E, Cui Hua...

just kidding,
childhood friends are old after 50 years, they do recall Kathy, Minn, Tina, Lucy,

Timothy Lam, Zach Lewis-Hill, Tifany Huang, and joyce Huang won't feel good
unless we place their name on record, thanks to Vienna, Sammy, Madeline, Toni

you can never predict who is your relatives,
that is why we mention those, revealing relatives

who could be wenping Wu, Linxia Xu, Carl Victor Kong, Xiude Shuai, Mo Yan, Hongnian Lu,
Fusheng Peng, Neel Rao, Jiaqing Chen, Amelia Wilson, Jinlong Wu, Jerry Yang, Honglan Sun