Friday, January 29, 2016

mellow and yellow, and six word saturday, short story slam week 37

in green and gold...

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Six Word Saturday

 Pepsi , Coca Cola are bubbling soda
short story slam week 37: January 21, to February 7, 2016, safari tent adventures
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yellow sun rises
warming the earth with love
green woods produce

golden rush
San Francisco railroad construction
amazing grace

Jili Jiang books,
Red Scarf girl shines in Red guard from Beijing
old hill stays firm

laurence yep,
a powerful writer matches up with Amy Tan from Oakland,
what treasury literature figures

pacific ocean
San Diego bay and Los Angeles hollywood experiences
William Bradley Pitt embrace Angelina Jolie 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hominy News Progress from OK State

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Mary Martin
John Maker
Donald Sutmiller
Travis Ford
Thomas Ford
Charles O'Leary
Ottis Lewis
Todd Cox
Bryan Hall
Wendy Madison
Michael Fox
DEborah Brantly
Shelly Simon
Ken Piety
Sid Hudson
Vanessa Hudson
Vikki Piety
Stan Smith
Emma Pitts
Elena Murphy
Michael Murphy
Daniel Jason Brown
Clifton Phelps
Tammy Gibson
Akiko Dyandotte
Priscilla Houston
Eric Loper
Brittany Spears
Connie Liu
Christine Fallin
Christina Sagehorn
Green Meadow
Heath Jenkins
Heather Storm
Monica Rauch
Jeff Adamson
Kati Scharoll
Dusty Curtis
Pam King
Pemela Craig Hartley
Roxanne Loyd
Jeanse Hankins
Jacqueline Dickson
Jason Johnson
Gail Scott
Uwe Gordon
Trenton Passmore
Trent Swanson
Rhonda Cochrane
Cecelia Beck
Aaron Dilley
Aaron Fine
Dixie Linn
Kathy Griffith
Rhonda Jacks
Judy Moss
Phyllis Bennett
Amy Itwin
Randy Thompton
Dianne Hays

Image result for hominy news progress
Image result for hominy news progress