Sunday, November 22, 2015

boston cheers

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Massachusetts, Wisconsin,
New Jersey, New York City,
Maryland, West Virginia,
Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas

state wide humanity drive,
never mind the splash from Boston Duck Tours,
MIT museum is remarkable,
Quincy  street enlightens Pat Quinn

Oklahoma, Texas,
Arkansas, Idaho,
California, New Mexico,
Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama

Woody guthrie music rings down Mountain View,
San Francisco golden gate bridge winks,
Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates hear us,
Hillary Clinton has soft heart for women's rights

Iowa, Wyoming,
Colorado, Utah,
Florida, Vermont,
Nevada, Nebraska, and Alaska

Sarah Palin shapes lots of mind of young women,
Michael Jordan fixes 23 as Chicago bull MVP,
Tyrek, Patricia, Peter, Susan, Theresa, Debora, and Vikki pauses,
many more people pray for Cathy, Kay, Kathleen, Carol, and Paula