Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Mountain View from Hyatt Place At Zurich Avenue

Barack administration is nice,
When they pay attention to Indians, Asians, Kenyans, and comprise,
Obama Hillugiburown is well known
as First Lady Michelle's support to Nuevenston is very strong,
Togo, Netherlands, Greenland, Peru, Cuba, Somalia, Shashi, Natalie, Morty, Chuck,
Larser, Sergey, Larry, Tanya, Sophia, Camila, Amelia, Jenna and Edward is caring.
As David Zalaznik, Pat Quinn, Chris Clark, Bob Burke, Al Gore, Laura Willis,
Daniel Boone, Doug Frantz, Tom Wu, Pam Fry, Sam Nunn, Benji Wojin, Frankford Shant,
and Sheng Luu promote Academic excellence monitoring,
World Peace comes to a complete enterprising.
Less confronting, Few Frowns,
Calm water does produce Lifenet function.
Margaret Thatcher, Kate Middleton, Lucy Page, Anne Brin,
and Collin Powell have done well with George Walker Bush,
Mae Boren Axton, Carrie and Dan Boren, Valden Burns, George Cross,
Bill Clinton, James Baker, Sarah Palin, and Edward Gaylord stand still,
because they agree with Joe biden, Jill Biden, Robert Henry, Brad Henry,
Todd Lamb, Gina Noble, Mary Fallin for flexible mindfill.
Places we pass have been recorded in our memory,
Let see that Hyatt Place of Zurich Avenus and list many of them for Glory:
Chicago, Seattle, Princeton, Newwark, New York City, Queen, Chelsea, Mahattan,
Philadelphia, Nashville, Atlanta, Maryland, Greece, Beijing, Wuhan, Tianmen, Tokyo, 
Mian Yang, Xian Tao, Zhang Gang, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Stillwater, Wisconsin,
Iowa, Utah, Illinois, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, Kentucky, Michigan,
Conyers, Georgia, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee,  Missouri,
London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Brookdale, Broken Arrow, Berry Creek, FiddleHill,
Greenwood, Mountasin View, Copan,Turner Park, Robinwood, Guthrie, Fangshan,
Boomer Lake, Fairway Park at Page Betcher, Jenks, Norman, Lone Wolf, Elk City,
Carney, Altus, Auburn Place, Eagle Point, Anhui, Jiangxi, Luxi, Fujian, Tampa, Jilin,
Heilongjiang, Orlando,  Jiangsu, Shandong, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei, Hong Kong,
Tianjin, Shanghai, Liangxiang,Shen Yang, Brandon, Toronto, Florence, Milan, Texas...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shira, Zohar, and Curt (world peace business act year number 4)

for years, from some ragged dreams,
I spot you, talking of wisdom,
and without a complaint,
the glittering shadow of a knight
absorbs darkness.
a stretched willow waves its hands
toward Cumberlands, bearing
a full moon of ashes.
The horse races on,
Lonesome coconut beach,
the weight of stress increases,
then with an ancient sage's strength,
the bloodstream comes back
and all hear her murmur:
a random and a mistaken relation,
God bless Shira, Zohar, Curt, Ted, Wilma, and Nurit.