Saturday, March 28, 2015

Simpady Factor

At a far far distant land,
On a frightful strong night,
Under ever lightning-cut, door-shut,
and ghost-haunted field,
A hairy finger paints at my nose,
Bloody teeth show his anger,
Time-zipped, breath-taking-shock.
what ever really never
truly scary scary sight, none
but one small drumming heart
goes bumping ups and downs,
silent scream lasts for-ever
for-ever startling-frightful cry,
Simpady factor falls in brown
frown crown clown gown!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

self satisfaction

I accept God as an individual power,
I fancy not much on artificial claims,
I choose not to always bow to God,
But seek constitutional backups...
I feel pleased to add ingredients to a human party,
I believe in American Hamburgers' quality.
I oink not at a dog's barks,
I space dance without music,
I newsmax higher education absolute,
I timesquare with a robin's logic;
I desire not ice, I opt no butter,
I support Cora Alice, I fame Jim Carter.
I hear complaints, not angered,
I listen to Liyuan Peng, not offended,
I fuel at Gulf, thinking of Iraq,
I group and quake, not confronting much,
when Gloria and Carl Victor do some human crave,
Craig Schapiro will not misbehave.

an award from poetry rally week 81, thanks to pat mather brown gordon ceton, cheers,
for week 82, I wish to honor poets   Chamz Chamen  and  Janice Adcock