Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Colorful Marble

a small round ball
with iron heart,
the colorful marble sees
the world as a dot,
rotating and rolling
with thrilling pulse of opportunity,
and giant speed of light year,
an object
without five senses,
it cleanses the world
with its crystal pure substance.
Single Blue Marble outside of group of other marbles over white ...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Not for all the salts in her blood

not for all the salts in her blood,
the crystal, pure-minded eyes, poetry
she so wholeheartedly pours to God,
would be, taken to him,
has has been fed well,
spoiled like a child,
the resistence of greed,
the new york steak from Mimi's cafe,
she keeps adding numbers,
he always subtracts,
reaching out to other members,
she prays while he fixes the broken fence,
she naps after he switches the radio to kj103,
he speaks of self-wrath,
she knows the avalanche of sadness
if not stay silent, then the day will make more noise.