Friday, April 25, 2014

Japan, Kenya, Oman, Korea, Jamaica, Take Both Queso and Salsa

 Agaha                                                                                             Albania
  Barbados                                                                                     Bahamas
    Cabinda                                                                                   Cape Verde
       Djiboutl                                                                              Denmark
          Ethiopia                                                                         East Timor
            Fiji                                                                              Finland
              Ghana                                                                     Germany
                 Honduras                                                           Haiti
                    Ireland                                                           Iceland
                       Japan                                                        Jamaica
                         Kenya                                                  Korea
                            Lusenbourg                                     Los Angeles 
                               Malta                                          Mada gascar
                                  Nauru                                    Nigeria
                                Oman                                        Oyama
                              Papua New Gulnea                        Puerto Rico
                           Qatar                                                  Qingtao City
                        Rwanda                                                    Reunion
                      Switzerland                                                   South Africa
                    Togo                                                                 Tonga
                  Uruguay                                                                 Upper Volta
                Venezuela                                                                   Vijay of Mayank
              Western Sahara                                                                Western Samoa
            Xie Aihua                                                                             Xie Dan
          Yugoslavia                                                                                Yemen
        Zimbabwe                                                                                     Zelberger of Noam
New countries to know,
Freshman and seniors, both ready to come and go,
Common senses, different tone,
Focus on yourself, your personal growth,
Be as bright as Caitlin Kelley, and Moty Rong,
Enjoy the game of Tic-Toc-Toe.

Today's Knots, Yesterday's Mistakes

Today's knots,
Yesterday's mistakes,
Tomorrow's benchmarks.

I think, I act,
I write, I react,
Words tangle in unstoppable facts.

Philadelphia, Dunmore, Scranton,
Manhathan, Newark, Tulsa, OKC, Princeton,
don't miss your visit to Chinatown.

Concerts, music in action,
Players under conductors in perfection,
What grand experience in life's relaxation.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Law, and Mathematics,
Subjects that harden human's weak statistics, 
Solid ways, Not all sunny days.

Art is no software,
Laws and politics have a love affair,
don't fool yourself yet.

Computer science is tough,
Diligence and strong won't be enough,
God's blessing is essential to survive.

Being a mother is easy,
Being a good mother is hard,
Being a perfect mother is a fantasy.

Listening is important,
Obeying docilely won't produce many true friends,
Life is a cruel contest.

I speak with my pen,
I solve problems with my brain,
I decide my fate.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moving My Eyes From Here To There (Locations)

     Coral Gables
       Dial Soup
             Geometric Analysis
                      Kathmanda (Katy)
                       Panama City
                     Quebec Capital
                   Rouge, Baton
    Xang’s X-ray
Zero Pepsi Cola