Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Confession


No shame,
There is nothing to fear,
you have crossed many rivers,
your footsteps are strong.
Veiled in silence you've sworn to,
you don't work for recongnition,
No barres stop you, no strings attached,
You're a golden star.
Out of smoke you flee,
Into blind woods you go under the tree,
Street life is not what you need to be free,
On a lone road, you rise, joyful and gay.

Friday, July 5, 2013

I Love Summer—Except… by Janice Kuharski


I love all the fun
hat summertime brings—
excepting, of course
just one or two things:
Except for the ticks
and spiders and bees.
Except for the pollen
from grasses and trees.
Except for the sunburn
and rashes from heat,
and sidewalks so hot
they burn up your feet.
Except for sour grapes
and melons with seeds,
and slithery snakes
that hide in the weeds.
Except for mosquitoes
that suck on your skin,
and all of the flies
that let themselves in.
Except for the warm nights
when I sleep in a cot.
Except for the weather
that’s humid and hot.
Except for the smog,
the dust, and the grime…

But other than that,
I love summertime.