Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What A Witch Will Do To Hook A Man In Her Pool!

The Blue Witch,

Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 76: October 31-November 7, 2012

To give him the first perfect impression,
she has to spend money prior to love confession,
She may wear a high-heeled shoe,
with her eyebrows painted light blue;
She may have her teeth brushed
and pretend that he's the only one
with whom she's crushed,
She may borrow his car for an event
and invites him home as a modest friend,
She may drug him into sex
and plot a baby to get rid of his ex.
She could be a witch if she decides to fetch
some poisonous potions
to advance her positions.
She can be a sweet liar
and set many targeted men on fire.