Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today's Mood

Today's mood is neutral,
I write and think for myself as usual,
Nothing pleases me but poetry,
Reading and writing gives me talents oriented pantry,
I have dinner at The Golden Palace yesterday,
Hunger makes the food served tasty and stellar like holiday,
I love both hamburgers and  noodle soups,
Pizza and rice can be combined and sorted into other groups.
Life is a joy
when one focuses on daily respect and attention,
I blog and enjoy
what words bring to my table for my personal satisfaction.
I slide down the slides under the soft sun,
Taking what's offered and love is divine!
I don't wish to worry about tomorrow,
To me, my individual soul feeding is important to expel sorrow.


  1. finding my own style of life and content is crucial and pleasant ...

    i love my life so far.


  2. I enjoy the carefree tone yet thankful and appreciative of the essence. Where you are isn't far from bliss and the thought of striving to maintain it in itself is a beautiful journey.


  3. Very subtle and clear thoughts. Very nicely written

    Sayantini Bhattacharya
    another part of me

  4. carefully crafted words.
    happy rally.


  5. The tone does deliver a sense of carefree-ness and an acceptance of life's downside. However, there is a positive light underlining it - the glass is half full concept. Excellent!

  6. words close to heart and beautiful free verse.

  7. Lovely to read a poem from someone who savors life. Nice to meet you. hugs, pat

  8. Wonderfully carefree! And wonderfully written =]

  9. Everything in life is interesting. And your poetry expresses that well.

  10. glad to see this.

    a fitting piece.

  11. natural and touching piece!
    be yourself, be happy.

  12. I loved reading this. I thought to myself, this is a person who loves and appreciates life and all it's colors; the black, the white, the gray. Even through the bad times, instead of seeing a hopeless situation, he looks at it as an opportunity to learn for the next time; someone who makes the best of every situation.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us. Have a blessed day!