Wednesday, March 22, 2017

short story slam week 65, 100 years of thunder storm and heavy snow, life goes on, wuxi opera sings strong

short story slam week 65, 100 years of thunder storm and heavy snow,
 life goes on, wuxi opera sings strong via Xiao Ya, Jing Jing, Wu Qiong,

endless dreams
infinite dreams
life cards reshuffle
one page turns
another page unfolds
we read our history
we exam our blood streams
we know our past
we know our present
we love operas
we learn from dramas

wilson, jaco, hargis,
page, schmidt, pichar,
brin, drummond, eagle
yeh, cordova, constantin,
bona, krajicek, mulvane,
murphy, schapiro, furletts,
colgate, goce, foster, welch,
bush, trump, gore, gordon,
cooper, obama, biden, barry
kerry, clinton, hager, underwood,
wood, clancy, roger, upham,
fisher, garcia, uchida, kim, wilcox
rivera, white, orbach, adler, yassine

lovely names made
beautiful history made

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Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」  yang lan

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Image result for 錫劇「雙珠鳳」  wu ting

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Friday, January 20, 2017

short story slam week 61, Ray Kelly, Betsy Cohen, Gloria Steinem, and Anne Wojcicki

sometime ago
a group of friends from Shijiazhuang and
Kaifeng gather
establishing themselves
at Silicon Valley,
Pauls Valley,
and Holdensville
they build shops, tech firms, and cola company
and they sell books of journal
and sets of computers

we say Cheese,
which means a big smile
to Priscilla Zuckerberg, David Sandberg, Eriic Schmidt, Sheryl Sandberg,
Dean Moon, Mike Moritz, Amir Patel, Ray Kelly, Nikesh Arora,
Cory Williams, Kimberly Henry, Laynie Henry, Lew Platt, Scott Miitic,
the place is packed
the rice is cooked

about diaper changes
and husband temper,
we believe that all men deserve freedom
and can serve for a role of change
under occasional case
hello, Pepsi, Coca Cola, IBM,
good job Alibaba, Apple, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, Motorola, Microsoft

not all will rise at the same time in our farmyard
not all children will receive a merit ticket at the same subject
so I say good intelligence to my picks today
Peter Drucker, Jeff Dean, Olcan Sercinoglu, Debora Spar,
Jim Barksdale, Andy Rubin, Kevin Sytrom, Kim Polese,
David Drummond, Pat Mitchell, Austin Mitchell, Frank Huang,
Brain Langer, Debi Hemmeter, Brenda Barnes, Katie Mitic,
Sheng Wu, Alison Wu, Benji Wojin, Sophie Schmidt, Skylar Zhang,

Del Ma, Calofornia,
Nashville, Tennessee
Cambridge, Massechusett,
Lawrence, Kansas
Princeton, New Jersey,
Rochester, New York
Helena, Montana
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Alex Teotsis

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Image result for   techcrunch  

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Friday, November 18, 2016

short story slam week 57, tech crunch and michael arrington pride

Image result for teach crunch  

Image result for teach crunch san francisco        

Image result for teach crunch san francisco 

Image result for michael arrington     Michael Arrington

Image result for michael arrington           
Image result for michael arrington   marissa mayer

lots of high tech souls
they sing at their nest,
promoting internet and tech crunch

Image result for firefox 
Image result for firefox 

firefox mozilla
mark surman build higher mountain ground
what a blast of internet thing

think of Hackathon, Tech Crunch 2013 to 2016
we rain our paws down the Valley
paying attention to yahoo, and dell company

Tony Sala, Tito Ham, Sarah Perez, Robyn Poore,
Katie Roof, Kate Conger, Henry Pickavet, Titz Tepper
they pile the world with programing and novel ideas

Chris Nesi, Catherine Shu, Anna Escher, Alex Ames,
Matt Burns, Bryce Durbin, Devin Coldewey, Mike Arrington
they gather FEATHERS to fan

Mark Suster, Jeffrey Hargrove, Danny Hargrove, Christine Hargrove,
Tyler Pager, Madeline Kelley, Gauri Rangrass, Christine Lu, Treyvon Thomas,
these people have fun with Sheng Wu, Henryetta Hillford, and Amelia Wilson

Jane Castro, Jordan Crook, Michael Arrington, Greg Kumparak,
MG Siegler, Andrew Keen, James Altucher, and Cyan Banister,
they vote for Donald Trump and Michael Pence

Steve Gillmor, Chris Dixon, Brent Bovenzi, Roman Dillet, Eliza Brooke,
Stephanie Yang, Colleen Taylor, Leena Rao, Natasha Comes, Tom Anderson,
they join Emma Cumeau supporting Eric Trump and Jared Kushner, smiling

lots of technology
we do rain praise to David Filo, Jerry Yang, Zach Bogue, and Bill Gates,

Thursday, November 3, 2016

short story slam week 56

Whirligig 84 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Park Bench" by Albert Garcia: park, watching, dog, task, something, perfectly, breeze, sinks, tea, retrieve, coming, between

3WW Week No. 504 

 erratic, dire, and calculate

Arkansas Texas is a girl who has fun doing all sorts of exams,
math, calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, fourier analysis,

when she obtains Texas written test a Pass, she was given a driver's license 
instantly by her holly grandparents  Todd Fletcher, and  Jenny Fletcher, 
but she was not sure of it...and she has done quite a few exercises with her
boyfriend Jerry Sexton, and it is interesting that a brand new Toyota car
sends her to Heaven, when she wears a University of Texas at Austin t-shirt,
and sits in her novel car, the lady from Austin Tag Agency and driving record
office feels very interesting Lady Williamson simply said "I will let you pass,
the more you drive, the better you are." 

from 1999 to 2016, Arkansas Texas Fletcher indeed drives, thousands
of miles, around Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and Ohio

Geigo or state farm, they do believe that Arkansas is a good driver,
a curious service worker, and she knows the conservative Red River,
which sets her boyfriend and her in fire, when they go picnic at lawn in May
thinking of Qu Yuan, Dou Pu, Cao XueQing, Yuan Xuefeng, Xu Yulan...
thinking of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Jimmy Carter poetry

Erratic past, directing desire,  the calculation of  Zilker park Christmas
lights, Austin Botanic Garden pond, and Turtle pond fishing rods,
etc. which is remarkable

watching sunset in West, a dog from a stranger could bark, impatiently,
yet, a cat is something different, the cat stares at Arkansas, seem considering her
a family member, Austin Firefighters are friendly, and they promote Indian culture
and Mexico dance, perfectly fine, spring breeze warms everyone's face, a tea party could be
cool, a church from UT invites, knowing friends Tiejian Wu, Cathy Lin, Lixin Gong,
Yingcong Tan, Jian Tan, Jing Tan, Tim Lam, Snowpea lady has rich dishes for
Amanda Huang, and twenty years later, when we think of Anne Bona, we think
of homecoming, think of Hong Jin, Hong Xiuzhu, Han Hong, Lu Xiaohua, 
Fan Yunqing, Wang Shengjun, Zhang Dejiang, Fan Xinwen, Zhang Jizhong

my stomach sinks as we eat Thanksgiving dinner at Houston Space center,
and play piano at Fort Worth, or shop at Dallas Arlington mall,
thanks to George Bush and Laura Bush, plus Rick Perry, we have 
good passport and we love Joyce Huang, Zach Hill, Vicki Hill, Jay Hill,
we love Wu Huaqing, Julia Zhu, Meijun Zhu, and Sam Walton's Walmart,
including H. E. B. at Handcock center..

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 Image result for zilker park  Austin Zilker Park
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Image result for san guo buffett                     Warren Buffett
Image result for san guo buffett
Image result for san guo buffett

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Image result for austin tag agency 

Image result for piano contest at san antonio  
Image result for piano contest at san antonio       

Image result for piano contest at san antonio

Image result for piano contest at san antonio

short story slam week 56, November 3, 2016 to November 20, 2016...passport, visa, and driver's license.

 Image result for texas driver's license 
Image result for texas driver's license

Thursday, October 20, 2016

short story slam week 55, political debate, and Las Vegas or University of Nevada

Image result for yan lab yale university 

Image result for yan lab at university of nebraska
Image result for yan lab at university of nebraska   
Image result for yan lab at university of nebraska
Image result for yan lab at university of nebraska

Image result for yan lab at university of nebraska  

Changmin Yan
 Yan (Rockee) Zhang

  • Erika Northcutt - Graduate Student
  • Firoz Akhter, Ph.D. - Post Doctoral Researcher
  • Abigail Berland - Research Assistant
  • Gang Hu, Ph.D. - Research Associate
  • Yee Ming (Rachel) Khaw - Research Assistant
  • Valasani Koteswara Rao, Ph.D. - Research Associate
  • Kadiam C. Venkata Subbaiah, Ph.D. - Post Doctoral Researcher

news hot
news cold

Jim at Jb market is good
when he thinks if  Oilton and Hannah Evans

Stan Smith believes human grace
when he promotes Springdale, Bentonville, and Perkins around Williams

Samantha and Teresa are good girls from Tulsa
they make easy shopping erpeiences from Paradise Shops

Max Mart, Harvard street,
QuirkStop, Wilson Street

Risako and Northcutt,
they all understand Mary Skoog from Connecticut

Ronnie Anderson enjoys Anderson hall from Willard building,
Mary Willard and  Anderson Cooper always trust Guiyang and Nashville

Seth and Ray are excellent in Radio car talks,
Mort, Lowe, Sears, and Lee do window and door making

Khaw, Hu, Berland, Akhter, Rao, Subbaiah, Alspach, Wise, they back up strong,
beautiful waves shine through University of Nevada, University of Rochester, and Yale University

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Image result for university of kansas 

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 Image result for third presidential debates 2016
 Image result for third presidential debates 2016 
Image result for third presidential debates 2016  
Image result for third presidential debates 2016    
Image result for third presidential debates 2016 
Image result for third presidential debates 2016